Executive Training:
AI and the Future of Work

This training provides help to understand how to balance the best of hybrid work by integrating human interaction and technological support tools in an effective way.


The Post-pandemic World

In the post-pandemic world, employees want the flexibility to choose where – and when – they work. Research suggests a large majority of workers would turn down a job that did not offer a flexible work schedule. Flexible or ‘hybrid’ work models make employees feel more empowered and organizations are responding. The pandemic also highlighted another significant fact: Giving employees the freedom and autonomy for more flexible working environments doesn’t lead to reduced productivity or poor-quality work.

Hybrid Work

In the new world of hybrid work, employee experiences are quickly becoming a key measurement for success. It’s not just about offering the flexibility to work from anywhere, it’s about empowering employees with the right tools and information to do their job well and removing the barriers that cause friction, which often leads to frustrated and unhappy employees.

By removing information barriers and simplifying complex processes through technology, you can deliver employee experiences that allow your workforce to focus on the things that matter, like impactful customer interactions, innovative thinking, and future business growth.

Target Audience & Discounts

This training was designed for decision makers from public organizations that want to fully empower workforces with flexible digital workplaces, increased agility and stronger information protection to address current business needs and evolving challenges.

As FARI is supported by the European Resilience & Recovery Fund (RRF), we can continue to offer free access to participants from public administrationspublic institutions and research institutions.

We can also provide a 50% discount to participants from the following target groups:

  • Educational institutions
  • NGOs and non-profit organisations
  • Brussels based companies
  • Brussels citizens



Delivering employee experiences that empower their workforce and attract and retain talent


Boosting operational efficiency by reducing digital friction and increasing agility


Improving information protection and governance


Dates (Language: English)

09 November 2023

16 November 2023

23 November 2023


Dutch / English (the training is available in French at request)


Be Central, FARI Experience Centre, Cantersteen 16, 1000 Bruxelles

Full Fee

375 Euro

(excl. VAT)

Key Faculty


Rob Heyman

Karen Boers

Contact details

Karen Boers