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UX/UI Multidisciplinary designer for AI

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What is FARI

FARI is an independent, not-for-profit Artificial Intelligence initiative led by two universities in Brussels: the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). This initiative will aim at helping citizens, politicians and companies as well as not-for-profit organizations to address local, every day or long-term challenges in the Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium and Europe. It brings world-leading and future researchers to the service of the city. It reinforces a virtuous circle: the city encounters problems that FARI can help address with projects that in their turn could lead to major scientific advances, especially in the field of AI (Explainable and Trustworthy), Data (Open) and Robotics (human-centric).

About FARI Test and Experience Hub

The FARI Test and Experience Center is an innovation instrument provided by FARI. The Test & Experience Center is developed at BeCentral and hosts demonstrations of the different research groups affiliated to FARI. Those demonstrations and Proof of Concepts (POC’s) revolve around AI, Data, Robotics as well as AR/VR technologies. The demonstrations and POC’s will be embedded in a wider network of test and experience infrastructure @BeCentral as well as the university’s test facilities on ULB and VUB Campus.

There is a FARI AI Development Team of experts that offer services in providing help and guidance to research centers in the development of Proof of Concepts or demonstrations that can be used in the Test & Experience facilities. These services includes software front end development as well as hardware prototyping (realisation of custom printed circuit and prototypes), design (realisation of visually appealing 3D pieces), and think about the overall IT infrastructure that supports the FARI AI Test and Experience Center.

About the team

The central staff of FARI supports both researchers, research and innovation projects as well as companies and public administrations in the digital transition of society. How will and can AI, Data and Robotics make a difference in making our society more sustainable?
To help the FARI research community as well as the stakeholders we work with (citizens, public administrations, companies), we are expanding the support team @BeCentral (FARI’s offices) to build a stronger institute and develop new services to support open innovation and the FARI objectives.

You will work in the FARI AI Test and Experience Development Team that is part of FARI central staff. The team is multidisciplinary and covers the all ranges of product development in AI, AI & Data Science applications, and Robotics. The team is project-focused with a strong ability to quickly go from ideas to concrete realisations.

About the position

FARI – AI for the Common Good Institute (ULB-VUB) is looking for a versatile profile with a strong knowledge of industrial design, UX/UI design and front-end development. You will be part of the FARI AI Test and Experience Development Team responsible for producing demonstration and proof of concept revolving around AI, robotics and AR/VR technologies. You will work closely with researchers from the FARI research groups, as well technical experts from organisations we collaborate with. This in order to quickly go from a research project to a concrete realization. You will also be in charge of maintaining the machines from FARI’s Fablab. Additionally, you will help further in the continuous development of the FARI AI Experience Center set up @BeCentral. This includes modelling and printing custom pieces for the exhibition and working on the UX/UI design and the front-ends of the demonstrations.

The mission
  • You will participate to produce a visual identity for the Test and Experience center. This includes physical design (stickers, decoration) and also UX/UI design for the demonstrations.
  • You will participate in adapting certain demonstrations with a custom front-end.
  • You will use and maintain typical Fablab machines (3d printers, Lazer cutter, vinyl cutters).
  • You will model, design and print different pieces useful for the Test and Experience center. For example, supports for screens, cases for rasberry pi and stickers for the instructions and information panels.
  • You will welcome external users at the Fablab and accompany them in the process of design and realisation of printed pieces.
  • You will be part of a multidisciplinary team focused on project realisation around AI, robotics and VR/AR technologies.
What is expected from you (expertise & experience)
  • A strong interest in technologies and their use towards the general interest (common good)
  • A proven experience in UX/UI design and/or front-end development
  • A relevant experience in product design/ industrial design
Skills and competence 
  • Prior product experience in working on web-based UX
  • Knowledge of Axure or Sketch (and/or other prototyping tools)
  • A 3d modelling software
  • A knowledge of Fablab machines (3d printers, lazer cutter, vinyl cutters, CNC machines)
  • Front end development skills is a plus (Javascript/ Html/ Css)
  • A javascipt framework is a plus (React.js/ Angular.js/ Vue.js)
  • Excellent communication and active listening skills
  • Ability to communicate in three languages is ideal (French, Dutch, English) but excellent command in French and English is sufficient
  • We are looking for a curious and passionate personality with a strong affinity for new technologies.
  • We are looking for a creative mind with strong social value
  • This position will be attached to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel or the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Therefore salaries and perks & benefits will follow each university’s internal sliding scales and guidelines.

Start Date: As soon as possible