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08 NOV 2023

08 NOV 2023

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2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Cantersteen 16, 1000 Bruxelles

FARI joins the effort to upskill and educate young people on AI


Do you want to know how to engage young people and train their Artificial Intelligence skills? FARI, along with AI4InclusiveEducation, CollectiveUp, La Scientothéque, Digital Belgium and has created a platform for educators and trainers with the talk entitled “AI & Education for Young People” happening this November 8, 2023 at FARI AI for the Common Good Institute.

With this discussion, local experts will share inspiring initiatives to understand the following relevant topics:

* DigComp 2.2: The new competency framework for digital skills (including AI skills) from the European Commission

* AI4InclusiveEducation: Launch of the Belgian online platform offering pilot content on AI, data, and ethics for teenagers and the general public (FR/NL/EN)

* ChatGPT & Co: How next-generation AI assistants transform education

This event is free, and drinks will be served afterward to discuss further and share experiences. Interested to join? Register here now:


14h – FARI Demos
14:20h – Understanding DigComp (the European Digital Competences Framework)
14:40h – AI4InclusiveEducation: Pilot content
15h – Break
15:15h – ChatGPT in the classroom
16h – Drinks