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Last update: August 17, 2023

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Website Protocol

Job posting

All FARI job vacancies are posted via EURAXESS and the Job Section of the FARI website. Roles posted are divided into four: Frontiers (PhDs), Explorers (Postdoctoral), Makers (Developers and Engineers), and Engagers (Central Team).

To request posting of your vacancies, please send the following details:

  • About the study/ project (if applicable)
  • About the research group
  • Job description
  • Requirements (skills and competences)
  • Start date
  • Deadline of submission
  • Contact person
  • Type of contract (permanent, temporary, not applicable)
  • Hours per week
  • Work location
  • How to apply

Research dissemination via FARI channels

Please notify us for any FARI-related publications by sending us an email with the following details:

  • Title of publication
  • Author
  • Date of publication
  • Abstract
  • Link to main journal publication (if available)

Submitting news leads and events

To submit a news lead, kindly send us an email with the following details:

  • What (topic of the news/ title of the event)
  • When (date and time the event happened)
  • Where (specific location or city where it happened/ will happen)
  • Abstract/short description or link to main webpage/ article, etc
  • Photos, posters, and other related illustration


To correct any errors you found in the content (text and/or visual) of the website, please send us an email with the subject (ERRATUM: Title of the web page) and the following details in the body:

  • Word, paragraph to correct
  • Suggested correct content
  • Link where the error was found

Submitting new info

For any other information that you wish to include on the website, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Title
  • Section where you wish to add the new content to
  • Attach a Word document file of your content

Please send your requests to

Due to limited manpower, our communications team follow a specific schedule in writing, editing, and releasing any website content (except for urgent posting). We receive requests from Monday-Thursday and publish only every Friday.