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We innovate by putting citizens first in forwarding AI, Data and Robotics solutions to Brussels' challenges.

Our research and innovation activities include pilot projects, citizen science projects, joint PhD programmes, research exchange programs, and collaborative research projects with different Brussels entities.

FARI combines VUB and ULB strengths in multi-disciplinary research in AI, Robotics and related disciplines.



Our research projects concern both theoretical work and concrete applications, focusing on the advancement of AI, while engaging with local initiatives, addressing European challenges, and collaborating with a number of similar research communities at a global scale.

The Institute ambitiously aims to integrate both sides of the AI coin by working in cross-disciplinary research teams from the start, drawing on philosophical, technical, medical, social sciences and humanities, while also engaging with civil society about the algorithms and intelligent systems, that regulate our daily activities. We are working to co-create a society where AI, Data, and Robotics could contribute to it. We work on local and international projects that aim at enabling a sustainable transition, starting with our own region of Brussels. So we work in, with and on Brussels as a laboratory and testing ground in a regional, national and International context.

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Our research priorities are grounded on the innovation strategy of the Brussels Region

Research Priorities

Research Priorities

We focus on addressing challenges on specific target areas such as climate & energy, mobility, health & well-being, resource optimisation, participatory & inclusive society. FARI's research projects fall under two high-level thematic areas such as (1) Urban and Public AI and (2) Sustainable AI, Data and Robotics

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