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25 MAR 2024

25 MAR 2024

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5:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Cantersteen 16, 1000 Brussels


Anastasia Karagianni

Exploring gender issues in AI from a feminist perspective.


Join us for an exciting evening of networking and discussions on gender issues in AI at the FARI AI Happy Hour event! This in-person event will take place on Monday 25 March at 17:30 in the FARI Test and Experience Center (Cantersteen 16, 1000 Brussels).

For this session, Anastasia Karagianni – Doctoral Candidate at the LSTS Department of the Law and Criminology Faculty of VUB, will examine gender issues in AI from a feminist perspective.

Description: In this seminar, gender issues in AI will be examined from a feminist perspective. Through constant interaction with the audience, key definitions of AI will be provided (1st part), examples/case studies of discriminatory treatment by AI systems will be referred (2nd part), while an analysis of gender equality ethics and feminist principles will be shared to address these issues.

Is this for you? Administrators, industry professionals and AI enthusiasts are invited to join this session.

A balanced mix of learning and relaxation – Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into sustainable digitalisation with Anastasia, followed by a casual happy hour with snacks and beverages!

This event is free to attend, but registration is compulsory.


Anastasia Karagianni

Anastasia Karagianni is a Doctoral Student at the LSTS Department of the Law and Criminology Faculty of VUB. Her academic background is mainly based on International and European Human Rights Law, as she holds an LL.M from the department of International Studies of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During her Master studies, she was an exchange student for one year at the Faculty of International Law at KU Leuven. She has been also a visiting researcher at iCourts research team of the University of Copenhagen.

Besides her academic interests, Anastasia is a digital rights activist, since she is a co-founder of DATAWO, a civil society organisation based in Greece for the advocacy of gender equality in the digital era. Anastasia Karagianni is MozFest Ambassador 2023, and Mozilla Awardee for the project “A Feminist Dictionary in AI”– of the Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence working group.


About the FARI AI Happy Hours

The FARI AI Happy Hours are workshop sessions that will be held every last Monday of the month, starting at 17:30 pm and finishing at 19:00 pm. These sessions will provide an appetizer of what Al, data and robotics has to offer, how it can benefit citizens, administrators & companies in day-to-day life and how to safeguard sustainability, compliance and responsible use of these technologies.


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