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11 APR 2024

11 APR 2024

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12:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Rue Archimède 17, Brussels

CERN for AI Seminar


In-person only, by invitation only to 100 exclusively selected participants.


As advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed how we live and work, AI is a crucial set of technologies in everything from engineering and medical breakthroughs to advancing science. Recent advances in generative AI models, such as Chat GPT and Bard, are not just triggering public debate but heralding a change in the progression of AI.

Regrettably, as these advances are being driven from outside of Europe, under the control of a small number of large technology companies, there is a growing concern that, if Europe fails to respond in scale and time, it will lead to a lasting technological and economic dependence and a corresponding loss of global market shares and strategic sovereignty. The importance of this can hardly be overstated and is particularly pronounced in areas such as healthcare, education and law enforcement, where European values are markedly different from those of the other countries currently leading the development of this technology. Challenging times must be met with coordinated action that delivers a European response to strengthen our capability and market. The vision for “AI Made in Europe” is more vital now than ever. Europe is at a very important decision point. It needs to go big regarding its ambitions in AI, or be prepared for an era of broad and severe technological and strategic dependence.

This conference is by invitation only. It brings together key European policymakers, directors, scientists,  and politicians to present and discuss the idea of a CERN for AI as a model for achieving European success in AI, how it can be adapted and implemented to make the most of Europe’s advantages, and how it can be established in the near future to ensure Europe’s leadership in AI research and application and explore the willingness of participants to work together towards this goal.

About Norway House: Norway House is the house of the Norwegian mission to the EU.  It is located in the centre of the EU quarter in Brussels, at Rue Archimède 17  across from the Berlaymont building of the European Commission. Its beautiful ground-floor conference room houses 100 attendants.


(All topics and speakers are preliminary and subject to change)

12:00: Doors open

12:30: Welcome

12:45: State of AI in Europe

13:30 Networking Lunch

14:15: From Moonshot to Organization

15:10: Panel discussion

16:00: Drinks/Coffee


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