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11 MAY 2023

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9:30 AM


BeCentral, Brussels

AI Co-creation Session on Climate & Environment in cooperation with Amai! Project


Co-create AI solutions for a better future

How do you get people from different backgrounds to think together about a better future? Different perspectives are often an asset, but how do we make sure we come to great solutions together? That’s why we organize the amai! co-creation sessions. During these sessions, we guide representatives from industry, policy, civil society and the wider population together towards clear AI solutions. And who knows, also towards a new amai! project?


On May 11, 2023, FARI is organizing a session focused on ‘climate and environment’ in collaboration with the AMAI team. In this session we start from the ideas of citizens and look at where AI can really make a difference. We get inspired by new AI technologies and explore the possibilities with an AI-specific ideation technique. You can also learn more about the amai! project call here.

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