The FARI Brussels Conference returns on 18 November at Studio Flagey in Brussels, find out more.

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18 NOV 2024

18 NOV 2024

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Flagey, Pl. Sainte Croix, 1050, Brussels

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The FARI Conference 2024 is set to return on November 18 at the Studio Flagey in Brussels.


Save the Date: FARI Conference Returns this 2024!

Are you ready for the much-anticipated FARI Conference? This year’s conference returns on November 18th, 2024, and promises to provide insightful experiences and discussion for AI, Data, and Robotics experts and enthusiasts.

Mark your calendars: 18th November 2024 at Studio Flagey

AI, a Public Good?

Artificial Intelligence is once again making headlines. As society witnesses the advancements of AI, we are facing a new surge of excitement, interest and concern. Questions regarding the ethical, societal, and economic implications are increasing, and understanding what these technologies can do and shape our lives is becoming more pressing. From the public, academic and private sectors, there is a collective curiosity about the endless capabilities of AI, as well as Data and Robotics.

With this in mind, the FARI Conference aims to provide a platform for critical inquiry for stakeholders from various sectors to engage in dialogue and collaboration. In this year’s conference, we are exploring big questions. Are these technologies developing in a socially acceptable and sustainable direction? How do we make sure AI helps everyone, and not just a few? Is there such a thing as AI, Data and Robotics for Public Good?

As we keep pushing the boundaries of AI, it is critical to also think about what is right. This year’s conference is all about bringing people from various sectors together to engage in conversations and find ways to use technology for the public good. Whether it’s using AI to tackle pressing social problems or making sure everyone has a say in how it’s used, this year’s conference aims to explore the possibilities to ensure we’re heading in the right direction.

What to Expect:
– Renowned speakers from relevant fields will present their insights and research.
– Connect with like-minded individuals, create new partnerships, and exchange ideas in a vibrant and inclusive environment.
– Join the discussion on the latest technologies, policies, and services shaping the common good.

Whether you are an administrator, an academic, a policymaker, a researcher, an entrepreneur, or simply curious about the latest advancements, the FARI Conference 2024 introduces innovations, stimulates discussions, and fosters collaboration within the community.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding speakers and program.