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27 JAN 2024

28 JAN 2024

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FARI AI for the Common Good Institute joins efforts to engage youth votes using tech


FARI AI for the Common Good Institute partners with Evens Foundation and Hack Belgium Labs for a hackathon this January 27 and 28, 2024, at BeCentral. Entitled Hack4Votes, this initiative aims to bridge the gap in youth voter turnout by building new ideas to engage the youth for the 2024 European Elections.

This first Brussels-based hackathon sees the need to address the lack of youth voter turnout, leading to their underrepresentation in EU politics despite being the most affected demographic in the long term. Acknowledging this, Hack4Votes invites experts and participants to explore innovative solutions to engage more youth in the democratic process.

Through creative challenges, participants will brainstorm and collaborate on ideas around voting and elections. By the end of the hackathon, participants will present their projects to an expert jury with FARI’s Managing Director Karen Boers. Winning ideas will have the potential to be further developed into live products beyond the hackathon.

This multidisciplinary hackathon welcomes everyone, whether you’re a programmer, coder, artist, civic society member or group, activist, entrepreneur, tech or AI specialist, or student. Hack4Votes can also help participants form a team with people with coding experience to build a multidisciplinary team with diverse skills and knowledge. If you’re interested, register now by visiting the Hack4Votes website:

FARI believes in the role of technology in harnessing solutions for the common good. This partnership not only empowers the youth but also demonstrates the potential of technology to create a brighter future for our democracies.