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21 MAR 2024

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8:45 AM - 6:30 PM


Cantersteen 16, 1000 Brussels

FTI Brussels


FARI and VUB House of Sustainable Transitions gear up for a Hackathon on AI, Mobility and Logistics

FARI – AI for the Common Good Institute and VUB House of Sustainable Transitions invite interested participants to a hackathon on the intersection of artificial intelligence and mobility on Thursday March 21, 2024 at FARI premises (Cantersteen 16, 1000 Brussels, Belgium). This hackathon aims to provide a unique opportunity to harness collective creativity and technological innovation to tackle challenges in mobility using AI solutions. Participants will have a day-long activity, from defining challenges to refining and presenting innovative ideas, all contributing to advancing intelligent mobility solutions.

The hackathon will delve into the case of Brussels’ urban mobility problem, particularly traffic congestion and improving its public transportation system. Participants are expected to brainstorm on how to optimize public transportation routes and schedules, aiming to enhance efficiency, reduce travel times, and minimize congestion while considering other crucial constraints. Brussels seeks to push its transition towards sustainable mobility, navigating the complexities of multi-modal mobility.

Digital tools such as mobility data spaces, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, digital twins, and advanced AI algorithms offer avenues for insightful solutions. The project, in collaboration with Brussels and Mechelen, provides a framework for developing innovative AI solutions within a smart city context. With this case study, this hackathon serves as an avenue for participants to brainstorm and develop AI solutions for mobility, with considerations to ethical, legal, and real-world constraints.

We invite students and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, such as tech, data science, engineering, social science, and innovation, to participate. We aim to form heterogeneous groups, blending diverse profiles to foster innovative solutions through varied perspectives and skill sets.

If you’re interested, please register by filling out this form by March 15, 2024. Registration for the hackathon is free.



The hackathon is part of the Flanders Technology & Innovation Festival (FTI), an event showcasing advancements in technology and innovation in Belgium.