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05 FEB 2024

06 FEB 2024

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The EGG, Brussels

FARI - AI for the Common Good, as part of the Brussels Capital Region, joins the Belgian Presidency Event: "From Research to Reality – Digital Solutions for European Challenges" on 5th & 6th February 2024 at The Egg, Brussels.


“From Research to Reality – Digital Solutions for European Challenges” is a two-day event that highlights cutting-edge research and transformative digitalization initiatives, creating a harmonious synergy under Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Programme.

Day 1 unfolds with relevant keynotes and panel conversations that underscore the imperative need for synergy between research, digitalization, and the future of Europe’s digital investment policy. Participants can engage in interactive breakout sessions curated to match various interests. With twelve distinctive topics to explore, the day promises an abundance of perspectives for all digital enthusiasts.

Day 2 of Research to Reality commences with a morning of brokerage events and workshops by Ideal-ist. In the afternoon, participants are given the opportunity to traverse the digital landscape by visiting key companies at the forefront of innovation, including FARI, located at the heart of Brussels. Participants can explore unique contributions to the digital realm, with each organization adding a layer to Europe’s evolving digital narrative.

This event is co-crafted by the three Belgian regions in collaboration with the European Commission and aims to form a collective endeavor to shape Europe’s digital destiny. Whether you are a researcher, an entrepreneur, a corporate visionary, or a policymaker, this event opens the door for you to play a pivotal role in Europe’s digital transformation. Secure your spot to join the effort for Europe’s digital revolution.

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