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27 JUN 2024

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Smart city and transparency: making AI visible in the city


Join us online on June 27 from 12 to 14 for the fourth and final session of the Data&The City cycle. Organized by Brussels Academy and Fari – AI for the Common Good Institute, this event is entirely free and promises to shed light on innovative transparency initiatives in Smart Cities.

Highlighting Transparency Initiatives

In this concluding session, we will delve into the various transparency initiatives developed across different countries to make the structures of Smart Cities more visible and increase citizens’ confidence in them. These initiatives are crucial for fostering an open dialogue between city administrations and the public, ensuring that the deployment of smart technologies is both understandable and accessible to everyone.

The DTPR Initiative: A Case in Point

One of the standout examples we will explore is the DTPR initiative from France. Developed in Angers and soon to be implemented in Paris, this initiative allows citizens to engage directly with technological projects in their city. By scanning QR codes located in public spaces, residents can access detailed information about the tools and technologies being used, the objectives of these projects, and the types of data being collected. This level of transparency is designed to empower citizens with knowledge, thereby fostering trust and participation in the smart city ecosystem.

Event Details at a Glance

– Date: June 27
– Time: 12:00 to 14:00
– Location: Online
– Organizers: Brussels Academy and Fari – AI for the Common Good Institute