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27 MAR 2023

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4:00 PM - 5:30 PM



Webinar: AI as a tool for Mental Health



The relationship between AI and mental health is reciprocal and can be a double-edged sword: AI is now increasingly being used as a tool to help mental health researchers and clinicians in understanding how our brain functions. The use of neuroscience-inspired AI holds great promise in discovering new regimes for treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. At the same, we also often encounter real world cases depicting how AI can affect our mental well-being, such as the case of addictive algorithms and how recommender systems can manipulate behaviors.

In this two-part online events, we will explore these two sides of the coin:

Webinar: AI as a tool for Mental Health On March 27 at 4PM CET, we will dedicate 1.5 hours on discovering how AI transforms our understanding of brain functions and how it helps in psychiatric practices e.g. diagnosis, treatment, prevention. We will be joined by neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and AI developers to bring use cases and future applications.


All-Questions-Asked (AQuA event): Impact of AI on our Mental Well-being On March 29 at 10AM, we open the floor for you to ask our multidisciplinary panel of experts about the link of online algorithms and recommender systems to our mental well-being, especially in this day and age where we interact with AI more often, unconsciously. In this AQuA forum, we will tackle the ways by which algorithms (in social media and other platforms) impacts us, our behaviors, our way of thinking, and some mental disorders associated with these everyday technologies.