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FARI adapts its "data walk" formula for public computer rooms

FEB 2024

FARI develops its collaborations with public mediation spaces to extend knowledge in the fields of data, AI and robotics.

To achieve this, we are launching an action programme for public computer rooms. In 2024, our focus will be on the challenges of what is known as the “smart city”. How is the production and collection of data organised in the city? Where is this data collected and for what purposes? Does it benefit all citizens? What fears and hopes can we have about the intelligent city?

To address these issues, we are offering these computer rooms and associations working with the public the opportunity to adapt the format of our data walks to suit the needs of their beneficiaries. FARI provides content and support in co-developing these customised formats.

Data walks are one-hour guided tours of the streets of Brussels organised in small groups. Along the way, various data collection devices are shown (ANPR camera, air quality sensors, relay antenna, etc.) and the use of data collected is explained.

The aim is to make technology more tangible by discovering it in our streets and to open up the debate about it.

The first event will take place at CybeRogier in Schaerbeek on 28 February and 8 March 2024. Stay tuned!



Do you work in an public computer space or in a Brussels-based association working with the public, and are you interested in this action? Contact:


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