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Student Committee / Citizen Panel

SEP 2023

Engaging today the citizens of tomorrow


During the second FARI Conference entitled “Local and Sustainable AI”, FARI decided to create a Student Committee to include the voices and visions of students from VUB and ULB who are involved in initiatives on sustainability, transition and climate change issues.

To further incorporate local and civic concerns in the discussions and outcomes of the FARI Conference, the FARI citizen panel assembled a group of students to provide their views on the conference’s topics in French and Dutch. This new initiative aims to bring new perspectives to the conference, highlight the role of students, and involve the citizens of tomorrow in the discussions so that they can assist in our efforts to serve future generations.

As the final output of the student committee, the brochure includes five viewpoints from students at ULB and VUB that can be accessed in the links below. During the FARI 2023 Conference, participants got a copy of an A4 printed page disseminated by the committee at the end of each session. Except for the final session, every FARI conference was summarized and given carte blanche, which could include opinion or even fiction. The brochure by the Student Committee encapsulates what it’s like to participate in the FARI Conference, bringing together reflections and inquiries into the relevant issues on Local and Sustainable AI. This report has been crafted to ensure that the debate continues, regardless of whether you are a participant or just curious about the conference.


The members of the 2023 committee were :

  • Baptiste Aimé, member of the student transition office at Polytechnique.
  • Elisey Gretchko, Confidant for Transgressive Behavior in the “Studiekring Vrij Onderzoek”.
  • Zoé Guelenne, President of the Solvay Sustainability & Business Club.
  • Nour Verkindere, President of SiTO.
  • Lucien Veys, Vice President of SiTO.


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