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Mathias Hanson


Machine Learning

Phd researcher at the VUB Data Lab


Mathias is a PhD student working at the VUB Data Lab, where he focuses on the development of legally compliant machine learning systems. After obtaining a law degree, he practiced as a lawyer in Brussels before transitioning to the anti-money laundering department of a bank. During this time, he pursued an additional master’s degree at VUB, where he discovered his interest in machine learning. He is exploring this topic further during his PhD and, specifically, its interplay with the law.

His research focuses on operationalizing legal requirements in machine learning systems and identifying ways to evaluate the legal compliance of these systems. He will run experiments in different contextual set-ups that will show the complexities and challenges involved, both from a legal and machine learning perspective. By bridging the gap between law and AI, his ambition is to help enable the development of legally compliant and highly performant AI systems in real-world settings. Ultimately, his research will contribute to the responsible development and deployment of AI, promoting accountability, transparency, and legal alignment. In addition, the findings of his experiments will inform policy discussions, regulatory supervision, and industry practices, fostering the creation of AI systems that serve the common good and protect individual rights and societal values.