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Ethical processing of high quality data is key to boost AI Startups


Sokcheng Thai


Brussels, Belgium – FARI research associate Hassan Haddouchi shared his insights on data challenges that AI startups face at the Data Innovation Talk held on 27 September 2022, with the theme “The Future of Data”.

“When you come up with AI projects, it is important that there is a challenge that only artificial intelligence can solve,” reminded Haddouchi for startups that aim to implement AI projects. The  gathering and processing of high quality data always come hand-in-hand with data privacy and these are essential components of the future data economy. 

When we talk about data, Haddouchi pointed out key things that businesses need to take into serious consideration. This includes the accuracy and reliability of data, ethical considerations around data collection and processing, and data security and privacy. Very concretely, Haddouchi presented three AI project cases that demonstrated best practices in dealing with data. For instance, OKO App engaged with the community to collect accurate and reliable data; FARI’s SIMPLEX project with Brussels’ Public Administration was done through established partnerships with reliable institutions and organizations; and UNIPLAY collected data through gamified quizzes created with relevant scientific sets of questions.

Haddouchi also identified two biggest challenges facing AI businesses as of late. The first is to find the right data, while the second is to tackle the high cost and time-consuming process involved in generating data. The latter challenge, however, is the only viable option that determines the success of the AI projects and these two challenges make AI projects complex to implement. 

Two other speakers, Danielle Jacobs, CEO of Beltug, and Marc Toledo, managing director of bit4you, also shared their insights on the topic alongside Haddochi.

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