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Computer Augmented Virtual Environment (CAVE)


Laura Jousset and Sezen Avci

FARI – AI for the Common Good Institute proudly launched a groundbreaking initiative, harnessing the transformative potential of Computer Augmented Virtual Environment (CAVE) technology for societal advancement. In collaboration with the Brussels-Capital Region, this environment has been inaugurated on Wednesday 15 May.

As FARI is a jointly initiated initiative by two Brussels universities (VUB & ULB), the inauguration of the CAVE represented a significant milestone for both institutions. FARI Directors Karen Boers, Hans De Canck, and Carl Morch had the pleasure to welcome Yannick Hallet, Scientific Research Advisor at the Cabinet of Secretary of State Barbara Trachte, along with Jan Danckaert, VUB’s Rector, Marius Gilbert, ULB’s Vice-Rector for Research and Development, and Peter Schelkens, VUB’s Vice-Rector Elect for Innovation. The event served as a compelling demonstration of the possibilities presented by the CAVE.

Situated on the recently opened 4th floor of Be Central, the CAVE promises to revolutionize immersive experiences in Brussels and beyond.

The CAVE will empower stakeholders like policymakers, scientists, and urban planners to explore digital content in immersive virtual environments, fostering insights across domains. Its versatility spans scientific visualization, architectural walkthroughs, and medical simulations, aiding informed decision-making.

In collaboration with the Brussels-Capital Region, FARI will integrate CAVE into urban planning, facilitating simulations of development scenarios and enhancing community engagement. It addresses accessibility by simulating experiences for diverse groups and aids crisis preparedness with tailored virtual simulations.

By leveraging immersive technology, FARI and Brussels aim to foster empathy and innovation, shaping a smarter, more inclusive city.

Public authorities and companies with use cases for the CAVE infrastructure are invited to contact FARI. Susheel Nath, CAVE manager, will use his expertise to coordinate the initiatives and help with the development of the various projects in collaboration with the 10 VUB-ULB research groups.

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