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FARI joins leading researchers and experts at the Bonn Sustainable AI Conference 2023


Michelle Gay Nidoy


Bonn, Germany, June 1, 2023 This year’s Bonn Sustainable AI Conference 2023 organized by Prof. Aimee Van Wynsberghe gathered leading researchers, academics, and experts dedicated to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability. Among the participants are FARI’s co-director Carl Morch and PhD researcher Brice Petit, who had the honor of being selected as one of the few “Young Researchers”. He represented FARI and demonstrated the institute’s commitment to leveraging AI for sustainable development. 

Organized by the Bonn Sustainable AI lab at Bonn University’s Institute for Science and Ethics (IWE), the second year of the Bonn Sustainable AI Conference focuses on cross-cultural perspectives that address the ethical challenges of AI worldwide. This year’s theme reflects the reality that some nations are essential to the early stages of production and waste management yet may never reap the benefits of AI. 

Part of this year’s conference was the Young Researchers Workshop on “Sustainable AI Across Borders”. FARI Institute and the IRIDIA institute (ULB) PhD researcher Brice Petit was selected to join this prestigious workshop along with other early career researchers worldwide. During the workshop, Brice had the opportunity to get feedback for his unpublished work from leading scholars who are speaking at the conference and connect with young researchers within the field. 

FARI’s participation at the Bonn Sustainable AI Conference 2023 underscored its strong drive to harness the power of artificial intelligence for sustainable outcomes, strengthening its emphasis on research and collaboration. The conference provided a valuable opportunity for FARI to engage in knowledge-sharing, share best practices, and explore potential project collaborations that can drive the adoption of sustainable AI solutions globally. 




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