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FARI rolls out AI Academy with an AI Introduction for the Medical Professions


Michelle Gay Nidoy

Brussels, Belgium, – FARI AI for the Common Good Institute launched its first training under the innovative AI Academy program to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) to relevant professions working towards the common good.

The first training, “AI Introduction for the Medical Professions,” is designed to bridge the gap between AI technology and healthcare by educating medical professionals on the applications, benefits, and ethical considerations of AI in the medical field. Like in many industries, AI has been extensively used in medical sciences, from patient diagnostics, drug research and development, communication and logistics, and remote treatment, among others. As such, FARI invited 50+ staff members from UZ Brussel and Vrije Universiteit Brussel medical faculty for tailored training to explore examples of good and bad practices of AI technology in their everyday environment.

Medical staff members need to understand what AI is capable of achieving and need to evaluate how their role can be improved with AI,” said Karen Boers, FARI’s Strategy and AI Academy Coordinator, when asked about the need to train medical professionals about AI.

Developed and provided by Prof. Johan Loeckx, Assistant Professor and Lab Manager at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, the training focused on tackling use cases and potential solutions that encompass the technical, ethical, and legal aspects of technology. As the lead of the applied R&D team & lifelong learning programme, Prof. Loeckx also discussed with the medical professionals the need for collaboration with data scientists who build AI systems to figure out the kind of data available for model training and, once built, the right approach for analysis and interpretation.


During the training program, medical professionals were asked to brainstorm potential use cases at UZ Brussels. Through this, the participants were able to explore real-world use cases where AI has already made a significant impact in their day-to-day environment and understand how they can benefit from it. Once one or more pilot projects have been identified, medical professionals will receive additional training and assistance.

This training is one of the first steps provided by FARI in assisting medical professionals in the AI revolution in the healthcare industry. The future of AI in healthcare boosts many possibilities, from organizing patient data, patient diagnostics and care, and accessing the availability of prescription drug alternatives to remote diagnostics. “AI clearly holds lots of promise, but a lot of additional research is required to reach its full potential in a safe and secure way,” emphasized Karen Boers, FARI’s Strategy and AI Academy Coordinator.

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To register, visit this site to fill out the form.

For any questions or further information, contact FARI’s Strategy and AI Academy Coordinator, Karen Boers, via or read more about AI Academy here.





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