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Julien Gossé



Social Sciences

PhD researcher, FARI


Julien Gossé is a researcher and PhD candidate from iCite, the International Centre for Innovation, Technology and Education Studies at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Passionate about topics that relate to the digitalization of our society and sustainability, he is particularly interested by the questions lying at the intersection between these two major challenges of our times. Over the past years, he has been conducting research in these areas by being actively involved in several applied research projects for public and private actors at different levels. He has notably worked on large-scale surveys for the DG CONNECT at the European Commission as well as on research projects at the local level for administrations like More recently, in the beginning of 2022, he has been appointed Senior Researcher at FARI and has been leading with his colleagues at the VUB one of the four pilot projects for the Brussels Government. In this context, he is working on the development of an AI strategy for the Brussels Region and its administrations. In summary, this project aims at defining key objectives to be reached thanks to AI-related technologies and a list of potential use cases that could be implemented in the short term. Next to defining these objectives and use cases, their goal is also to provide the Brussels Government with key recommendations on the capabilities needed (e.g. governance, ethical, competence, etc.) to support this strategy. Prior to joining ULB as researcher and starting his PhD in 2018, Julien graduated from a Master Degree in Business Engineering specialized in sustainable development in 2015 (Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management) and has worked 3 years in the private sector, notably as consultant in digital transformation at Deloitte.


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